Start a project and maintain updates

Start a project and maintain updates

The goal is to create your project based on one or more of our stacks while maintaining our open source update, important for security and fixes. We will just use git to accomplish this, so you can use whatever you want, GitHub, Gitlab, Gogs, public or private repo.

šŸŽ¬ Create your project from WAOS stack

This is a quick example with WAOS node stack and an empty project repo, called Ā "New", with this url "https://xx.xx.xx.xx/New.git":

  • clone node stack : git clone --bare && cd Node.git
  • add node stack to your new empty repo : git push --mirror
  • delete temporary clone : cd .. && rm -rf Node.git
  • clone your project : git clone && cd New
  • add waos Node as a remote : git remote add Node

šŸš€ Merge Waos new releases in our project

  • git pull Node master --allow-unrelated-histories # Creates a merge commit
  • git push origin master

šŸ Swift stack extra information

In a swift project, you must also rename the project to define the name of your application. In our case to facilitate updates from the stack we rename only the project, not folders and files.

Rename the project

Click on the project you want to rename in the "Project navigator" on the left of the Xcode view. On the right select the "File inspector" and the name of your project should be in there under "Identity and Type", change it to the new name. Click "Rename" in a dropdown menu.

Rename the Scheme

In the top bar (near "Stop" button), there is a scheme for your OLD product, click on it, then go to "Manage schemes". Click on the OLD name in the scheme, and it will become editable, change the name


You are ready to start working :). Do not forget to try to touch a minimum of the stack or go through PR thinking of a generic job šŸ‘