We will recap some practice steps to manage a Rancher quickly & cleanly. I will update these snippets over time. Keep in mind it's just personal snippets :).


nano cluster.yml
> services:
>   etcd:
>     backup_config:
>       enabled: true     # enables recurring etcd snapshots
>       interval_hours: 12 # time increment between snapshots
>       retention: 50     # time in days before snapshot purge


You just need to activate prometheus, do not be afraid to launch, all worloads may take 5 minutes to be functional.


# requirments
export KUBECONFIG=$(pwd)/kube_config_rancher-cluster.yml
helm repo add rancher-latest https://releases.rancher.com/server-charts/latest
helm repo list

# upgrade
helm repo update
helm fetch rancher-latest/rancher
helm get values rancher -n cattle-system
helm upgrade rancher rancher-latest/rancher \
  --namespace cattle-system \
  --set hostname=MYHOSTNAME

Health Checks

Vue Stack :

Node Stack :

PV Released to Available

 kubectl patch pv my-pv-name -p '{"spec":{"claimRef": null}}'