Us ?

Us ?

WeAreOpenSource was a small team of people motivated to help each other and work on Open Source and Tech projects. We became a self-employed entrepreneur team and worked together on different projects during our studies, it was YourCreation. Then we gave up this status to devote ourselves to our respective jobs while maintaining this blog.

Today WeAreOpenSource aims at simplifying the start of new tech projects/startups. This work is mainly maintained by myself, Pierre. From my experience as a manager, I think aligned stacks and their common architecture have their place in open source. This allows developers to easily switch from one techno to another while making native languages. A considerable gain of possibilities. The cost of switching is low, after a few tests, I think we are close to Flutter, in native, with a longer service life.

These things are important for a dev team. In this configuration, it's more easily to develop his skills in different technologies without monotony. Without diversity, we increase the turnover ... Also, by using open source stacks and keep it updated in projects we involve developers in open source. This increases the skills and image of the company, and it's immeasurable. Finally, aligning stacks on different projects also allows developers to work on different projects without cost. I let you imagine the gain in an emergency but also for the interest of developers.

I experienced this in my old job, that's why I continue to maintain these stacks and defend this vision. Today I am trying a personal project; it is for this aspect that we targeted to become a startup toolbox.



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