Rancher: invalid admin ssl

Not long ago, overnight I lost access to my Rancher admin interface, my SSL certificate has become ...

Rancher: invalid admin ssl

Not long ago, overnight, I lost access to my Rancher admin interface. My SSL certificate has become invalid.

What? Why? We had done an article on the implementation of let's encrypt and his auto-renew :

Rancher 2: Let’s Encrypt with Ingress-Nginx & Cert-manager
alright ... i think this is one of the simplest things i lost the most time onduring my rancher tests. I couldn’t find any documentation / tutorial thatworked properly the first time. Here is mine by mixing all of this information!The goal is to set and automatically renew Let’s Encrypt when we a…

That's right, and this article is still valid. Unfortunately, what I had not thought of is that a rancher installation with let's encrypt does not configure our load balancer administration interface's automatic renewal 😶.

If this happens, you will have to switch on the command line, follow this article again, and request a new certificate. To avoid this :

  • Go in rancher > local > system > Load Balancing
  • click on three dots options of your Load Balancer and select View/Edit YAML
  • Add :

cert-manager.io/issuer: letsencrypt-prod

It's enough 👌. Hoping to have avoided the mishap for some, I add this after the main tutorial.

Good week 🖖.